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Qurban - Adahi

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Qurban - Adahi


In Muslim cultures around the world, there are two main celebrations which are of most importance, one being Eid Al Fitr, the celebration of the end of the fasting month, and Eid Al Adha, also known as the festival of Sacrifice. It is during this time Muslims prepare a sacrifice in the form of a meat hamper or distribution also known as Qurban. To give Qurban is to not only remind us of the humility of the human spirit, but to also help feed those who are less fortunate. In many cases, there are some poor communities in the world that only eat meat during the Qurban period because of their inability to afford meat.

How much Qurban donation will be sufficient?

AusRelief aim to deliver 7000 packages of Qurban meat to Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This will also support Syrian and Palestinian refugee communities in Lebanon, and the poor and needy in Cambodia, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Rohingya Refugees, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

What animals will be part of the Qurban and be in the Qurban donation package?

At AusRelief, the animals which will be part of the Qurban will consist of cow, sheep or goat according to the ‘an’aam classification.

Who will conduct the Qurban and how will it be distributed?

The Qurban will be personally handled and delivered to those that need it the most, and be completed and supervised by the team at AusRelief. The Qurban will be completed in Australia at large Australian abattoirs and shipped internationally. In the case of Asia & Africa, fresh meat will be cut in the local countries and distributed on the same day.

AusRelief’s efforts in participation of the Qurban Adahi

AusRelief is a non-profit organisation and charity that assists in the donation drive and distribution of the Qurban Adahi. The Qurban collection of donations are put to good use for the poor and needy around the world who cannot afford to perform the Qurban sacrifice on their own, and by collecting the required funds, will be able to aid those in need during the celebration of Eid al Adha. Your donations will be put to good use for those that are less fortunate.

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